Sunday, July 10, 2016


Summer has begun!  Summers at Amigos de Jesus are quite fun.  To help out with the care takers of the kids, a group of new volunteers from the US come and put on a summer camp for the kids called Escuelita.  For us long term volunteers, the school year is over and our main jobs are finished, so we help where we can with summer camp (and get a little break ourselves) before the next school year.  This summer I have the pleasure of being the swim assistant.  For six weeks (the first session of Escuelita) I get to go to the pool every morning with the kids.  Everyday is a different group of kids and I even get to go with my preschoolers from this past year Thursday afternoons!  Lots of great quality time with the kids and lots of summer fun by the pool.  

Below are a couple photos from this past week at the pool.  Enjoy:)

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